Vinturi Reserve Red Wine Aerator

The Vinturi Reserve is the beautiful new product from Vinturi. Vinturi are the World’s first and leading force in wine aeration and have raised the bar with the creation of the Vinturi Reserve. The re-designed Vinturi reserve still has the same aerating qualities as the world’s best selling wine aerator the Vinturi Original but looks like a completely new product and comes in new stylish flip-open packaging.

All the Vinturis use a physics principle called the Venturi effect to aerate wine. The Venturi effect  is a case where fluid flows through a tube that narrows. The velocity of the fluid increases as it flows through the narrower tube while the pressure decreases and it’s this increase in . It’s this smart thinking that makes the Vinturi products the best aerators. Don’t worry, you don’t need a physics degree to use the Vinturi, simply hold the Vinturi Reserve over your glass and pour your wine through the Vinturi into the glass. You should hear a satisfying guggling noise as the wine passes through the aerator, this means the wine is being mixed with air which is drawn in through the two small air holes on the Vinturi.

Key Product Features:

  • Aerator mixes wines with the ideal amount of air for the optimal length of time to release a wine’s full flavour and bouquet.
  • Easy to use: simply hold the aerator over a glass or carafe and pour the wine through.
  • Designed with internal dimensions and a flow rate that opens up and releases the full flavours of red wines.
  • Aerator made of attractive acrylic and comes with no-drip stand.
  • Dishwasher safe.


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