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Wine Tasting Party with Vinturi

Vinturi can help you say goodbye to the summer months and welcome the fall with a wonderful wine tasting party. Gather your friends at home, have everyone cook their specialty and bring a bottle of wine and enjoy an evening with them reminiscing about the wonderful warm days of summer. The trips you’ve taken and […]

Restaurants May Start Using Wine Aerators

A Wine Aerator may become a permanent sight at a restaurant table. Especially in those restaurants that offer only beer and wine. An aerator may be included as a permanent piece on the table, because it will attract customers and will keep them longer at the table. It may also encourage them to try different […]

Wine Aerators at Food and Wine Festivals

Food and Wine festivals are events that people anticipate all year long. They can go out every night, and have the choice of tasting different delicious cuisines and wines. The wine aerator is an essential part of these holidays as without it people cannot truly appreciate the wine they are having. How these events work […]

Wine tasting – a simple guide

If you’ve bought a Vinturi wine aerator, you may already be fairly knowledgeable about wine. However, we know that a significant number of our clients who buy a Vinturi are also interested in learning more about wine, so have prepared some simple guides to go through the basics, starting with the art of wine tasting. […]

Wine tastes better in the right light

A recent study suggests that ambient lighting can influence how we perceive our wine to taste. Red or blue lighting appears to have a positive effect compared to green or white coloured lighting. The study took place in Germany, at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. Researchers gave drinkers the same bottle of Riesling wine to drink […]