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An ode to Wine Decanters

We at Vinturi just love poetry. It gives us a chance to express ourselves (and to show off our lyrical skills, of course). Wine lovers that we are, we thought we’d try penning our very own “Ode to Wine Decanters”, in appreciation of the humble Vinturi. We hope you enjoy our very first poetic attempt. […]

Does White wine need aerating or decanting?

We need to be clear on a couple of things before we start this article. Definitions are important. Wine Decanting is a traditional process useful when dealing with certain red wines to ensure that no sediment from the bottle. This was the tradional reason for having a wine decanter in your house. In most modern winemaking, the […]

Why Does a Wine Need Decanting and Aerating?

In times gone by, before so many wines were routinely fined and filtered to a crystal clear state, it was quite common for wines poured from both barrel and bottle to contain a considerable degree of solid matter. In order to avoid bringing an unsightly looking wine to the table, it was quite the norm […]