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Wine Tasting Party with Vinturi

Vinturi can help you say goodbye to the summer months and welcome the fall with a wonderful wine tasting party. Gather your friends at home, have everyone cook their specialty and bring a bottle of wine and enjoy an evening with them reminiscing about the wonderful warm days of summer. The trips you’ve taken and […]

Bring a Wine Aerator to Dinner

Wine Aerator is what you can bring instead of wine if you are invited to a friend’s house. Especially if you know that your friends are wine lovers. There is a tradition among friends and it has become etiquette to always bring something if you are invited to dinner. People usually bring wine or dessert. […]

Wine and Food Shows

Vinturi Wine Aerator is the perfect accessory during your favourite food TV show. You probably have one. It might be about the best chef, or how to run a restaurant successfully, or any type of food show for that matter. Drinking wine during such a show seems to be appropriate. And since you are getting […]

Restaurants May Start Using Wine Aerators

A Wine Aerator may become a permanent sight at a restaurant table. Especially in those restaurants that offer only beer and wine. An aerator may be included as a permanent piece on the table, because it will attract customers and will keep them longer at the table. It may also encourage them to try different […]

Branded Vinturis

If you want to leave an impression on your business partners, you can easily do so by giving away branded Vinturi units at a business party. We offer you this amazing opportunity and what is great about is that it makes it perfect for a large group of people. We sell the branded units in […]

A Toast to the Queen’s Birthday

Make sure to take out your wine aerator on the 11th of June as it is the Queen’s official birthday! There are a few occasion throughout the year when the whole nation celebrates and the Queen’s birthday is one of them. This year people had two royal occasions – a Royal Wedding and the Queen […]

Surprise Your Father on Fathers Day

Vinturi Wine Aerator can help you surprise your father on Father’s day. You can set a diner date with your father on the 19th of June. Make  plans ahead of time. You are all grown up, but that doesn’t mean your father doesn’t need your attention and appreciation. You may have given him hand made […]

Royal Wedding Wine Fests

The Vinturi Wine Aerator was an inseparable part of the celebrations for the royal wedding. Yes, the royal wedding has come to pass now, but  the parties that followed it are going to remain as one of the most wonderful memories for many people. We received a lot of feedback on how people celebrated the […]

Easter Wine with Wine Aerators

Vinturi wishes you a happy Easter! You probably have amazing plans for the Easter Sunday and cannot wait for the whole family to get together. This is a time like no other to spend time with the family and to celebrate. Big parties are in order and you probably have an idea what the menu […]

No Housework Day Welcomes the Vinturi wine Aerator

Vinturi Wine Aerator was greatly appreciated some days ago on the 7th of April. If you missed that fun day, we will tell you all about it. These days is called No Housework Day. Don’t be disappointed, you can celebrate next year. Often time’s people are trying to find excuses not to finish their housework […]