Vinturi In The Press

Since its invention in 2005 the Vinturi has gained praise from numerous respected publications and sommeliers. “I’m a skeptic about wine gadgets. While they might make great gifts for the millionaire oenophile, rarely do I see any use for wine accessories beyond the basic openers, foil cutters, decanters and refrigerators. So I surprised myself with […]
Vinturi spotted in Homeland

Vinturi spotted in Homeland

Vinturi are delighted as we spotted a Vinturi wine aerator in an episode of the new series of Homeland. Being great fans of the show, we are pleased to see the characters can appreciate a Vinturi like we do. Obviously, the set designers of the show understand the taste, aroma and elegance a Vinturi brings […]

Vinturi – The Top Wines of 2012

The British Press review and recommend the best of the best when it comes to wines. If your looking for a bargain or really want to  impress your dinner table then it is always worth having a read. Here are some of the acclaimed best wines of this year reviewed by some of the most sophisticated wine drinkers. Susy Atkin in the Sunday Telegraph […]

Vinturi Wine and Spirit Aerator Used in Restaurants

Have you seen a Vinturi Wine Aerator being used in a restaurant or bar? More and more places are starting to see the benefits of aerating their customers drinks before serving. Not only does it improve the taste and experience but it shows that they have an interest in the quality of drink they are […]
Vinturi Wine Aerator Review

Secret Sommelier Writes About Vinturi Wine Aerator

A lovely write up today by the Secret Sommelier on the Vinturi Wine Aerator. He describes his experience testing the aerator and how he manages to trick his guests into believing that an aerated wine was actually a different more flavoursome wine. Why not try the same test on your friends the next time you […]

Root7 appointed as UK distributor of Vinturi

Root7 are pleased to announce their appointment as the official UK distributor of the Vinturi range of products from the USA. Press announcement is attached here. We have stock landed in the UK to sell to retailers and we will be selling directly through our website
Vinturi Deluxe

Enjoy Bonfire Night with you Wine Aerator

Certainly you are always looking for reasons to use your Wine Aerator, and with Bonfire Night here it is the best time to do it. Everyone looks forward to this grand celebration where fireworks and big bonfires are lit to celebrate the uncovered the gunpowder plot in 1605 by Guy Fawkes to blow up Parliament. […]
White wine vinturi

Spooky Night for the Calm at Heart

Many people are planning wild Halloween parties this year, but not everyone enjoys a wild night of partying, instead a glass of wine with their Vinturi is best. Greet the trick or treaters with style while enjoying a delicious glass of wine with family and friends on this spooky night. There are many ways that […]
Vinturi Tower and Packaging

Presenting the Vinturi Tower

If you have purchased a Wine Aerator or you are looking for a gift for someone that already has one, this is the perfect accessory. The Vinturi Tower is an innovative and useful gift that is going to both make enjoying that perfect glass of wine even more pleasant. This elegant and contemporary masterpiece offers […]

New Addition to Vinturi

Vinturi, the creators of the red wine aerator, are welcoming a new addition on board their team of experts. Clara Hunter has been appointed as the new director of consumer marketing to ensure that each customer is well aware of the benefits and possibilities of these great gadgets. She will take over the marketing and […]