Vinturi: The perfect Wedding Present

Vinturi makes a great wedding presentWedding presents can be tricky. Even though many couples now invest in a wedding list service, which helps ensure they don’t receive (that many) duplicate gifts, it’s always nice to feel as though you’re giving something unique and special, which you have thought of all by yourself, but at the same time practical for them and their future together. We at Vinturi, however, have a great solution, and to impress the happy couple with a gift that is far from pedestrian and predictable.
A Vinturi, beautifully gift-wrapped in stylish wrapping paper if you should choose, will be a delight to any keen party hosts, and will prove to be more than a one-time novelty gift. Let them in on the long-kept secret of quick and efficient wine aeration; give them the gift they didn’t realise they were missing. So stand out from the crowd during the spring wedding season and choose Vinturi. We bet you’re invited back for the Christening….

Unit C, 2 Endeavour Way LondonLOSW19 8UH UK 
 • 0845 500 1215

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