Perfect Wines for Christmas

Santa might bring you a Vinturi this ChristmasNow that Christmas is creeping closer, it’s time to start planning which wines you’ll be serving with your scrumptious grub, to make sure everyone’s tastes are catered for, and your guests get as merry as they wish on this special day. As we know, choosing the perfect bottle can be mighty tricky, so here at Vinturi, we’ve drawn up a short list you might like to choose from:
Beaujolais Nouveau: This red, unlike most others, is best served chilled, to help enhance the light, fruity flavours. It goes very well with a nice bit of ham.
Shiraz: Another red, although this time a little more hard-hitting than the first suggestion, this spicy and full bodied wine is excellent with your traditional Christmas turkey.
Chardonnay: For those of our readers serving up goose during the festive season, a white like a Chardonnay is sure to please any number of palettes, and make you seem the perfect host.
If you have any other Christmas wine suggestions you’d like to share with us here at Vinturi, please do get in touch- we always love to hear from you!
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