Perfect tunes to unwind with

After a long, hard day at the office, many of us love to open a lovely bottle of red and unwind. None enjoy it morelistening to relaxing music than the Vinturi staff (so we think, anyway). When we’re home and chilling out, all we need is a good soundtrack to help us relax, and we thought we’d  have a quick whip round the office and ask, “what’s your ideal evening music to help release the stresses of the day?”. The answers, we’re sure you’ll agree were, errr, interesting:
Rob: Almost anything by Mariah or Whitney- I’m an open-minded kind of guy.
Other Rob: The “White Ladder” album by David Gray; yes, I’m much cooler than Rob.
Dan: A bit of drum and bass is what I like. I take a more forceful approach to beating stress out (right, Dan).
Mike: Well, this is a really tricky one….umm….errrr….can you come back to me?
Tom: Bob Dylan. Apparently I look like him, what do you think?
Patrick: Cat Stevens, back in the day, before he changed his name. Oooh, yes.
Dave: I do enjoy a little bit of James Taylor…”Up on the Roof” might be the fave.
Sophie: “Lost”, or in fact anything by Michael Bublé- I would marry him for his voice. Sigh.
Jo: Girls Aloud, every time. Singing into the hairbrush is the best stress-buster.
So there you go, we hope you maybe enjoy some of the soundtracks we have mentioned…happy chilling!

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