Diyonisus teaches us how to party (sensibly)

If ever we needed an excuse to let our hair down and unwind with a beautiful glass of red wine, maybe gather someDiyonisus would have loved the Vinturi chums around us to take our mind off our busy and often stressful existence, we could simply turn to the Greek god of wine, ritual madness and ecstasy for reassurance that our frivolity is to be celebrated. Of course, we at Vinturi are big fans of enjoying alcohol calmly and responsibly, just as Diyonisus would have been (we’re pretty sure).

The divine mission of this wonderful God was to mingle music, and to bring an end to worry and fretting of mortal souls, something which we are also strong believers of. So in this season of cold weather, rainy spells and gloom, why not spread a little love, and treat yourself, or those you care about, to a Vinturi-and help remind them of the good things in life which our old friend Diyonisus stood for? Who knows, the good cheer may even be catching, and before you know it, there will be parties and celebrations popping up all over the place to help dispel the winter blues.

Why not even hold a Greek mythology themed bash, revel in each other’s company, whilst delighting in delicious food and drink? Let us know how you get on with your party planning; we always like to hear stories and see photos (invites are welcome, too…). Happy new year!

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