Vinturi Wine Aerator – The Wine Connoisseur’s Choice

Vinturi Wine Aerator

Vinturi Wine Aerator

The Vinturi wine aerator is fast becoming the wine connoisseur’s accessory of choice. Its elegant and ingenious design ensures that the perfect amount of air is mixed with the wine as it is poured directly into the glass, delivering a developed bouquet, enhanced flavours and smooth finish.

Until now, wine connoisseurs have had no other option but to decant their fine wines well in advance of tasting, thus allowing them the appropriate time to breathe and develop. Of course, there will always be the traditionalists for whom this ritual will never be changed, and that is fine for those with the time and inclination. However, the majority of us lead fairly busy lives, and whilst we want to appreciate a wine, we often don’t have the time to wait around.

The Vinturi wine aerator uses a very simple piece of engineering based on the principles of the Venturi effect. There are no nasty chemicals or artificial tricks involved. It is simply a question of increased wine velocity as it passes through the apparatus, which has the effect of reducing its pressure, thus drawing in air to aerate the wine. This is done according to very precise measurements, which ensure the perfect amount of aeration for the wine.

The Vinturi wine aerator is the perfect companion for today’s busy wine enthusiast, and its portable design means that its use is not limited to the home. It can be taken to restaurants or even on holiday, so that you can truly enjoy and savour your wine anywhere, without the wait and without compromise.

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