Vinturi White Wine Aerator – A Review

The Vinturi White Wine Aerator – A Review


The Vinturi’s latest innovation turns many of the preconceptions regarding aeration on their head. White wine has just never been regarded as needing decanting/aerating – and what the masters of aeration have done is altered the original Vinturi. By adapting the technology applied within the original red wine aerator they have adapted and developed a Vinturi that improves the white wine you drink. Customers can purchase a Vinturi White Wine Aerator through us.

So there are two claims that need to be looked at –

1) White wine displays the same improvements with aeration as red wine.
(a better bouquet, enhanced flavors, creamier mouth feel, and a smoother finish)

2) The white wine Vinturi aerates differently to the red wine aerator – and therefore households need both.

We don’t expect you to listen to us directly so the responses to theses claims below are taken from the website of an independent reviewer in the USA –

Test #1:

So here was my methodology and I encourage any one of you disbelievers to try the same tests or some version thereof. I picked a young white wine that was known for being somewhat complex and I poured 5 blind samples. The first was straight from the bottle, the second was poured through the


Vinturi. To test whether a 2nd aerator is really necessary I poured the 3rd and 4th samples through the Soiree and the Respirer red wine aerators. Lastly, I poured a sample to a decanter and then to a glass.

The best tasting sample was absolutely the Vinturi, in fact no other sample came close. It was far more open. It had a revealing nose, many layers of citrus fruit were immediately evident. It was softer, creamier, flat out more delicious. The Soiree came in a distant second place. The 3rd place went to the Respirer. The 4th and 5th place were essentially the same, poured from the bottle and poured first from decanter then to a glass. Keep in mind that the decanter sample did not spend time in the decanter before this initial taste test, I had poured it to test as time went on so that I could compare all samples to simply using a decanter. Not surprisingly as time went on the decanted sample was better than the bottle sample but all other results remained the same. The Vinturi sample remained the best tasting sample, testing every 30 minutes over two hours and I repeat that no other sample came close to matching what the Vinturi white wine aerator was capable of. I paired this wine with my hat. I never ate my hat with wine before; with or without wine I find it quite distasteful.

Test #2:

I already know that my red wine aerators did not hold a candle to the Vinturi, but how well will it aerate red wine? I still can’t accept that I must keep 2 aerators with me at all times. I chose a young, well structured red wine and poured 3 blind samples. I used all three aerators for this test. The Soiree and the Respirer yielded similar results…the Vinturi was in this test a definitive third place. Hmmmmm, I find this result even harder to believe, yet it is undeniable.

Another review is taken shown on video below – if customers wish to purchase a White Wine Vinturi please click here or call 0845 500 4455.

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