Vinturi spotted in Homeland

Vinturi are delighted as we spotted a Vinturi wine aerator in an episode of the new series of Homeland. BeiVinturi spotted in Homelandng great fans of the show, we are pleased to see the characters can appreciate a Vinturi like we do.

Obviously, the set designers of the show understand the taste, aroma and elegance a Vinturi brings to the table and in holding this sacred wine drinking knowledge, they really set a sophisticated scene. The Vinturi was spotted in protagonist Sergeant Nicholas Brody office, that’s right he is a wine drinker too.But the baffling thing is that he drinks at work, something none of us knew before.

Do alcohol and the law mix? The question on everybody’s lips is why the boss of the CSI has a Vinturi in his office. I mean drinking at work is not really acceptable, although we all know how stressful his day may be. . The Vinturi is resting on his files in the foreground, which means that the sergeant casually sips wine whilst cracking a strenuous case. Despite this confusion it makes Channel 4’s espionage drama Homeland that much better! Perhaps the production manager placed it there in good humour, who knows.
Vinturi Wine Aerator

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