Enjoy Bonfire Night with you Wine Aerator

Certainly you are always looking for reasons to use your Wine Aerator, and with Bonfire Night here it is the best time to do it. Everyone looks forward to this grand celebration where fireworks and big bonfires are lit to celebrate the uncovered the gunpowder plot in 1605 by Guy Fawkes to blow up Parliament.

In the past the celebrations lasted throughout the entire day, though the celebration is no longer celebrated in the same way, some traditions are still kept and the people of England enjoy getting together to commemorate this day. Effigies of “hated figures” such as the pope and Guy Fawkes are burned upon large bonfires to show that treason is not an answer.

You can celebrate this day on a higher note with family and friends and a good bottle of wine. Enjoy the fireworks and bonfire displays throughout the evening and finish it off with a delicious dinner and a bottle of wine to match it. This is a highly celebrated holiday in England, one of the most popular, and everyone will be participating. You can choose to do it in any way you wish, which includes a quiet evening with family and friends.

Celebrate this holiday the way it was celebrated the last 400 years, go out, enjoy the beautiful fireworks and bonfires, then head home and finish up with a delicious bottle of wine with your Wine Aerator.

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