‘Wine Mafia’ on the Rampage

Vinturi advises to keep an eye on your grapesFollowing our recent alarming report on the theft of valuable grapes from a Red Valley vineyard, it seems that other culprits have taken a leaf out of the same book and have rather unsubtly raided a field in the Languedoc-Roussillon region, in the South of France. Instead of doing the deed by hand, as is what is suspected took place in the previous instance, two giant harvesters were used to transport 35 tonnes of grapes from the field, and presumably straight to a vintage wine maker. Fears now stem beyond the fact that this has happened to only one precise area- there are growing concerns that a ‘wine mafia’ are on the loose, plotting further theft, and could strike at any time. Not only do their deeds mean that long periods of time, often years, are wasted by vineyard owners, who put their heart and soul into cultivating the grapes only to miss out on reaping the reward, but now some, including Winegrower Roland Cavaille, face financial ruin.
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