Vinturi Celebrates National Pizza Month

Vinturi is perfect for national pizza monthThere’s no more versatile a food than the humble pizza. You can literally slop any topping you so desire on top of it, and you can pretty much guarantee it’ll still taste darn good; whether you’re partial to pineapple and egg, rocket and parma ham, or indeed chocolate and coconut, there’s a doughy creation out there for you. In honour of this great snack, national pizza month is in fact in full swing, and we encourage everyone (including you, dear Vinturi blog reader) to get themselves actively involved. By this we mean ordering your local take-away, or maybe even investing in some pizza bases and then whatever toppings you like. For the more adventurous of you, get back to basics and create your own dough. Once you have something to nibble on, crack out the wine with your Vinturi to make it taste as good as the food, and enjoy, either keeping it all to yourself, or sharing with friends.
Let us know how you’ll be celebrating national pizza month this year- maybe you’ve got a costume you like to wear for the occasion, or maybe you literally just eat pizza for the whole of October. Whatever your reasons or inclinations, the Vinturi team are here to listen and marvel at your story.
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