Thieves Steal Valuable red wine Grapes

Vinturi has been reading about grape thievesThieves who stole into a Red Mountain vineyard made off with around $4,000 worth of a valuable grapes, leaving the vineyard owners gobsmacked, and certainly out of pocket. Although it is not known exactly when the hoard of rare mourvedre wine grapes was pinched from Grand Reve Vineyard, near Col Solare in Washington, it is estimated that they were taken some time between September 15th and 20th, during which period the vineyard itself was presumably under less scrupulous surveillance. Not only were over 900 kilos of grapes taken in total, the real bother comes from the fact that they are so rare in the Washington region, being more abundant in the southern Rhône Valley of France. The vines on which the mourvedre grapes grow are also unconventional, being more bush-shaped than those usually seen in a vineyard, as a result of being grown without the use of wires or support.
Had the crop been left, the grapes were due to be sold to Syncline Cellars in the Columbia Gorge town of Lyle, from whence the wine would be pressed and sold for an estimated $40 per bottle.
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