An ode to Wine Decanters

We at Vinturi just love poetry. It gives us a chance to express ourselves (and to show off our lyrical skills, of course). Wine lovers that we are, we thought we’d try penning our very own “Ode to Wine Decanters”, in appreciation of the humble Vinturi. We hope you enjoy our very first poetic attempt.

When the time is right for a relaxing glass.
I will always choose my favourite red wine. Wine in the bath
Never disappointing, beautifully rich,
Ever satisfying.
Don’t want to wait for my wine to aerate,
Easy choice: use my Vinturi.
Carefully bringing the flavours and aromas straight to me,
And I can enjoy immediately.
Now it’s time to wind down, forget the day’s stresses,
Take a long bath, complete with candles.
Excellent choice: I take my wine up for a soak.
Roll my shoulders back, and close my eyes,
Sipping slowly my delicious nectar.

What do you think of our poem, and are you tempted to have a go for yourself? We always like to hear from you, so do leave a comment at the bottom of the post, and maybe even share your acrostics! If you have any queries about our products, do feel free to get in touch and someone will be there to answer your call.

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