Wine Aeration and the Vinturi

vinturi_close_up_wine_pouring_bottleAeration (also called aerification) is the process by which air is circulated through, mixed with or dissolved in a liquid or substance. When applied to wine it is easy to see how a traditional decanter can serve this purpose if the wine is poured into the decanter in the correct way.

By maximising your wines exposure with air, the wine will typically warm up and the wine’s aromas will open up, the flavor profile will soften and mellow out a bit and the overall flavor characteristics should improve very quickly.

Some wines benefit more from Wine Aeration that others – and it is often quoted that “the more tannins a wine has the more time it will need to aerate”. Lighter-bodied red wines that have lower tannin levels, will need little if any time to breathe.

Wine Aeration in a Dinner Party Setting

Let’s put wine aeration into a typical suburban, middle class setting – the first bottle of wine of an evening is given the decanter treatment by the host who opens his best bottle of wine well in advance of guests arrival. This bottle is aerated by the initial process of pouring the wine from the bottle into the decanter.

So guests arrive – with a few bottles of wine of a value that lends them to aeration – and are treated to a glass of champagne and nibbles. The light stuff aside the process of feasting begins and the men and a couple of ladies move onto the reds to compliment their lamb. The first bottle of decanted and aerated wine is consumed – amid a flurry compliments to the hosts – with the pouring of the glasses.

This is typically where the Vinturi comes in – the advantage of the Vinturi is that it allows for fairly immediate wine aeration. Thus rather than having to decant and wait for the next bottles of wine, they can simply be poured through the Vinturi straight into the glasses of guests. The Vinturi allows for wine aeration without the wait – and ensures that all the red wine for your dinner party is optimally served.

For around a £35 investment in a Vinturi you can guarantee that all the red wine you drink is improved. So if over your remaining years on this planet you drink 35 bottles of red wine, you are simply paying a supplement of £1 per bottle. Drink more and the cost obviously diminishes. A Vinturi for wine aeration is essential for the chattering middle classes and all.

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