Red wine-drinking cows produce tastier Beef

this brown cow would use Vinturi for his red wineIt’s a well-known fact that a lovely glass of red, lovingly aerated through your Vinturi to instantly bring out its delicate flavours and aromas, goes perfectly with a nice steak, sautéed potatoes and maybe even some little baby carrots/sweet corn/garden peas/your vegetable of choice. A group of Canadian cattle ranches have taken the idea that red wine is good with beef one step further, cutting out the middle man, and feeding straight to their cows. Since they started doing so, the praise has been astounding; everyone from top chefs to the regular consumer has stated that the flavour and tenderness of the beef has been incomparable.
It was not always easy to get the cows to lap up the beverage, however. Jandince Ravndahl (who, according to the Vancouver Sun came up with the idea, inspired by watching pigs drinking beer on daytime television- we kid you not), spoke of how, at first, her Angus herd were a little taken aback by the unfamiliar flavour of what they were drinking. After a few sips, however, they soon ‘relaxed’, and now come running when they see the pail being brought over to them.
If you’ve ever tasted this new ‘crop’ of beef, or would like to stick to the traditional wine drinking method and need a Vinturi to help enhance your experience, please do get in touch/leave a comment at the bottom of our blog, and one of our team will be on hand to help.
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