New Addition to Vinturi

Vinturi, the creators of the red wine aerator, are welcoming a new addition on board their team of experts. Clara Hunter has been appointed as the new director of consumer marketing to ensure that each customer is well aware of the benefits and possibilities of these great gadgets. She will take over the marketing and branding initiatives for the products of the company. In addition she will also be overseeing and organizing various events and initiatives and implementing strategic partnerships for the company. With plenty of experience in her professional history in companies such as Snapware Corp., Mastard Inc. (now known as DKB Brands), and Con Agra. Vinturi is continuously growing and the fact that such a well known and experienced specialist has decided to join the team shows an even brighter future for the already quickly growing company. We are all very excited for the new ideas that she will bring with her professional experience and further improve our product and communication with our customers. Our goal is to make the wine aerator an everyday product in every kitchen, and with her taking on the job we will surely achieve that. Please visit our products page and see all the options we have available to ensure that next time you pop the cork each sip is even better than the last!

Unit C, 2 Endeavour Way LondonLOSW19 8UH UK 
 • 0845 500 1215

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