Wine and Food Shows

Vinturi Wine Aerator is the perfect accessory during your favourite food TV show. You probably have one. It might be about the best chef, or how to run a restaurant successfully, or any type of food show for that matter. Drinking wine during such a show seems to be appropriate. And since you are getting an expert at how food should look like and taste, how different ingredients combine, you might as well treat yourself to a glass of wine and use the aerator. If you are going to be an expert on food, become an expert on wine as well – and do both at the same time! Sometimes these shows are so entertaining, especially those about competitions between famous chefs, that they make your adrenaline rush. You pick a chef, you are supporting him, you are learning new cooking techniques and you cheer when they choose his dish and pronounce it is the best. Watching these shows is a real delight, you can learn so much and the next time you decide to go to a restaurant you might actually try something new and unusual. You will appreciate all the work that is done in a restaurant more. And since you will be an expert on wine by then, you will start ordering better and better wines when you go out. You can carry your aerator with you everywhere you go.

Indulge yourself with the Vinturi wine aerator – there are so many interesting wines to try and combine them with delicious dishes.

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