Things that can spoil the Vinturi experience: Part 2

Following last week’s blog detailing a number of factors that can essentially ruin your “me time”, as you settle down on the sofa after a hard day’s work, and let your significant other bring you (we hope) a glass of your favourite red. They seem like small things, but trust us; here at Vinturi our precious relaxation periods need to be as good as they can be, as they don’t come round often enough. This week we bring you a couple more things you can prevent from happening whilst, and during the time surrounding, drinking your wine.
If you’re heading out, take a cab: Although we of course encourage responsible drinking and knowing your limit, there’s really nothing worse than feeling like you’re missing out on the fun because you’re in charge of the car for the night. Leave it at home, and treat yourself to a taxi.
Incorrect wine serving temperatures: We do know a thing or two about wine, and the temperature it should be served at. White wine is best when chilled, and red when it’s at room temperature, and poured through your Vinturi before serving.
If you have any top wine-enjoyment tips that’d you’d like to share with us, please do get in touch- we always love to hear your comments and suggestions!
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