Serving wine at the correct temperature


The temperature at which a wine is served is very important. White wine should be chilled and red wine served warmer. However, wine served either too cold or too warm can lose a lot in terms of quality and in particular its aroma. The Vinturi cannot work miracles on wine that is not at the correct temperature.


It is commonly heard that red wine should be served at room temperature, this was true centuries ago but not in today’s central heated houses. A good red wine should be served at somewhere between 14c and 18c. In most cases unless the red wine is stored in a cellar or somewhere cool it would benefit from half and hour in the fridge before serving.

When attempting to bring a wine to a desired temperature there are also many things to keep in mind. If you wish too cool a wine more quickly then using a  fridge a bucket of ice and water will also work. But this will only take around 5 minutes and it can quickly bring the bottle down to 0c ruining the wine. If you wish to warm a bottle it must be done gently. Leaving the bottle near a radiator or open fire is a recipe for disaster. It can result to the wine becoming thick and soupy and generally not nice. By holding the bottle in your hands and warming it gently is the ideal method.

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