Vinturi says goodbye to Last of the Summer Wine

There are few television shows nowadays that can say they’ve been going for years, and have retained a level of popularity with generation after generation, keeping bums of sofas for decades. One of these particular institutions, a well-loved British comedy, Last of the Summer Wine, really is reaching the end of its bottle (ok, it’s a rubbish analogy, but you get the idea). This autumn, we’ll be saying a sad farewell to the residents of Holmfirth, a rural country village in West Yorkshire, who have been on our screens since 1973- that makes the programme the world’s longest running sit-com.
So whilst we wait to discover what we’ll be curling up to watch with a mug of cocoa/Ovaltine/a nice, rich glass of red (of course poured through your Vinturi to bring out the flavours and aromas instantly), we can sit and contemplate some of the timeless (and priceless) events, such as old men hurtling down hills in tin baths, that we have witnessed over the years. Of course, even when we can no longer see the show in BBC, the novels and numerous stage adaptations based on the programme will surely be coming round again in no time. So never fear, Wine lovers, we’re here to offer a shoulder to cry on/a friendly ear to chat with. Just give us a call. Any time (almost).
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