Vinturi and your Wimbledon Picnic

It’s one of those British institutions that will simply never get old- the strawberries and cream, the sunburnt noses, the cheering for the British hopefuls, and of course the champers. Maybe this year you’re thinking of mixing up your Wimledon-bound picnic, for you and your chums to enjoy whilst watching the tennis, and are considering swapping the beverage of choice to something that doesn’t require huge amounts of refrigeration, thus reducing the weight of your luggage considerably. Come the end of June, dust off the old bottles of red wine you’ve got hiding in a cellar, and bring them along to the grassy dales (small bumps that could barely be called hills) of South West London, and amaze your friends with your handy, easily portable Vinturi, which will bring out the flavours and aromas of your wine, instantly. That means no waiting around while Andy runs up and down the court, oh no. You’ll be happily sipping away quicker than you can say, “Darn, that Federer isn’t half bad, is he?”.
If you’d like any more info on how we can make your portable lunches that little bit more special this summer, please do get in touch and our team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. We also love picnics, so feel free to invite us along to yours. Thanks.
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