Brilliant reasons to stay in with a glass of Red

Given the sporadic and unpredictable nature of the weather that the UK has shown us over the past few weeks, we’re not sure we’re in for a good ride this summer….pity, really, as we’d been fantasising about long summer evenings in the garden and in the pub, beautiful golden tans, and floaty summer dresses. If, like us here at Vinturi HQ, you’re a little sceptical about the whole “BBQ summer prediction”, why not plan to curl up on the sofa and pay respect to the trashy TV gods, whilst sipping on a lovely glass of red. To enhance this experience, here are our top telly recommendations:
Glee: Camp costumes and dance routines to die for, even the hardest heart will soon be singing along to the fabulous covers in this deliciously over-the-top comedy-come-musical show.
Come Dine With Me: An oldie but a goodie, particularly if you’re a foodie, and like criticising other people’s culinary creations from the comfort of the sofa.
Wimbledon Highlights: Somewhat seasonal, and much better if the weather is ok for play. In our experience, watching punters eat soggy strawberries and cream whilst trying to keep dry is never that entertaining.
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