A Toast to the Queen’s Birthday

Make sure to take out your wine aerator on the 11th of June as it is the Queen’s official birthday! There are a few occasion throughout the year when the whole nation celebrates and the Queen’s birthday is one of them. This year people had two royal occasions – a Royal Wedding and the Queen Mother’s birthday. What is interesting about the Queen’s birthday is that she was actually born on April 21st. Many wonder why then she celebrates during the summer? The answer is simple – the Queen’s birthday is not only for her to celebrate, but is actually for all the people of Britain to celebrate. And the royal family felt that public celebrations would be better off during the summer when the weather is warm and inviting. There are many events planned each year on this day in the name of the Queen. The most memorable is the military ceremony “Trooping the Colour”. This event includes military aircraft flying at Hyde Park. Many people stay at home during this day and prefer to have some wine for the Queen’s birthday there. Aerators play an important part in this celebration – they make the drinking of the wine really a royal treat. The Royal family in the past did not have aerators, but they sure enjoyed their wine. Nowadays people can drink wine like royalties – just pull out the aerator and dive into the divine flavour of the wine. If you don’t have a wine aerator, buy one now, so you can be ready for the celebration.

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