Royal Wedding Wine Fests

The Vinturi Wine Aerator was an inseparable part of the celebrations for the royal wedding. Yes, the royal wedding has come to pass now, but

Royal Wedding Wine Fest

Royal Wedding Wine Fest

 the parties that followed it are going to remain as one of the most wonderful memories for many people. We received a lot of feedback on how people celebrated the wedding last month. Some were preparing for this event for months, stocking up with the finest wines available and waited for the wedding day to open them. Many people reported that they were partying for two days straight after the wedding. This truly was a celebration for all people in the UK and all over the world. As you have probably seen all the interviews on TV thousands of people were gathered in front of Buckingham Palace awaiting for the newlyweds to show up. However, the rest of the world was sitting in front of their TVs and was following the wedding from their homes. They found it to be much more comfortable experience and the best part was that they could enjoy a nice glass of wine and use their aerators. Since the royal craze was taking over all the TV programs, people had enough time to try and enjoy a few different types of wine. They could sit and watch the procession, while pouring the wine through the aerator and unlocking its true flavours. Many of our loyal customers told us, that the wine aerator made them feel like real royalties on that day.

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