No Housework Day Welcomes the Vinturi wine Aerator

Vinturi Wine Aerator was greatly appreciated some days ago on the 7th of April. If you missed that fun day, we will tell you all about it. TheseVinturi Wine Aerator for No Housework Day days is called No Housework Day. Don’t be disappointed, you can celebrate next year.

Often time’s people are trying to find excuses not to finish their housework duties and just to sit down and relax, and this day gives you the perfect opportunity. Housewives, husbands, even kids had great fun on this day. Everybody just focused on relaxing and having family fun or a romantic day with their beloved, forgetting all about the mundane responsibilities like throwing out the trash, washing dishes, mopping, and vacuuming. All that was a taboo on this day. The No Housework Day was actually a very nice break for everyone and a lot of people just sat down on their comfortable couches and opened a bottle of wine. They fully dove in that indulging experience and took out their wine aerators. Oh, the pleasures of a good glass of wine. If people had a quick glass of wine at dinner, before rushing to clean the table and the dishes, on this day they really focused on the wine. The wine aerator, of course played a key role in that, unlocking all the beautiful flavours and aromas.

No Housework Day or housework day, you can always make sure that you have this little gadget that will allow you to enjoy your wine – call us today and order a Vinturi Wine Aerator.

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