Easter Wine with Wine Aerators

Vinturi wishes you a happy Easter! You probably have amazing plans for the Easter Sunday and cannot wait for the whole family to get together. This is a time like no other to spend time with the family and to celebrate. Big parties are in order and you probably have an idea what the menu is going to be. And what about drinks? Wine is a very appropriate beverage for the occasion. It symbolizes the blood of Christ. Actually, this is also the time for the Jewish Passover and as a tradition everybody is required to drink 4 glasses of wine. Actually wine is perfect for pork and lamb dishes. It will lighten your spirits and will complement the red meat beautifully. If you are planning to drink wine during the Easter Holidays, we strongly recommend you using a wine aerator. It will make the drinking of the wine such a pleasure. It will unlock its beautiful flavours and your dish will seem even tastier. Weather you will have a party at home, or a family picnic in the park, bring wine. Wine is a traditional drink from the past and it will never go out of style. If your party is at home you can use a bigger decanter, but if you are in the park, you can always bring a smaller wine aerator.

The Vinturi team wishes you happy holidays and is happy to know that our aerators will be on your Easter table.

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