Wine Aerator for Travelling

If you are a wine lover and travel around in the pursuit of that perfect wine taste, the Vinturi Wine Aerator is just for you. There are many places

Wine Aerator for Travelling

Wine Aerator for Travelling

for wine tasting worldwide that are worth visiting. Let us say this year you want to go to Napa Valley, a worldwide known wine heaven. If you have not heard, there is a big event coming up in the fall – “Favour! Napa Valley Celebration of Wine, food & Fun”. This is going to be the first epicurean extravaganza of this kind over there. With the help of the Culinary Institute at Graystone, the wine makers are going to indulge all the senses of the guests. What is the one thing you will need to make this experience even more joyous – your wine aerator – agitate the wine and see how all its flavours and tannins unlock for a feast in your mouth. You can bring an aerator with you at any tasting and just put it over your glass while the wine gently floats through it and  enriches its taste. You are going to have the opportunity to mix wine with the best food you can find, a result form the hands of the most talented chefs in the field.

If you cannot go to this special event in the Napa Valley this year, do not worry, for there are going to be wine tasting events in other places too and you can bring your portable Vinturi Wine Aerator to all.

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