Britons Enjoy the Taste of Different Wines

Alot of people buy wine for their Vinturi at Morrison'sHere at Vinturi HQ, each of the team has a wine that they prefer to sit back and relax with after a hard day in the office, a bottle that’s a favourite to take to a dinner party, and even a beverage that is their preferred dinner accompaniment. However, only recently did we discover that all of our varying tastes may have more to do with the location of our upbringing and heritage, and less to do with random taste-bud selection when we’re being put together in the womb. A recently conducted survey of Morrisons supermarkets up and down the country revealed that whilst people in the south west of the UK crack open light, white wine when they so desire, Scots generally have a sweeter tooth- thus perhaps preferring sweet sherry and heavy red wines such as Merlot. One theory that these choices are reflected by the weather conditions at either end of the country; with low temperatures and rain, a red wine is just what you need to warm your cockles at the end of the day.
As always, we’d love to hear from you about these recent discoveries. Are you a Scot who turns their nose up at red wine, preferring instead a nice Chardonnay? Or do you have another theory as to why certain beverages are more popular in your area? Whatever your thoughts, or if you’d like any more information about our Vinturi products, please do get in touch and one of our team will be happy to help.
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