Vinturi and the Micro Pig

Vinturi is better than a MicropigThe novelty pet: it’s cute for a while and then, often, you get bored of it. It begins making more noise, more mess and is more high maintenance than originally planned for, and hopes and dreams are shattered. The newest fad to hit our country is the Micropig, which, to be sheepishly honest, the Vinturi team have utterly fallen for. It’s just like your favourite oinky animal, but smaller, with perfectly formed snout, tail, ears…basically all the normal pig parts. What we’re trying to do now is convince our mums to let us have them in the house.
As with most things, however, mum knows best. The responses so far have been “You’ll not have time to look after it”, “Why not get yourself a new gadget instead”, and “A Vinturi is much more worth your while, and you can use it whenever it suits you”. Good point, Rob’s mum. So if you’re thinking of getting something small and cute, thinking it’ll be an easy ride, think again. Or, if you’re trying to bribe a child or significant other out of wanting one of these little creatures, buy them a Vinturi instead, and trust us, they’ll thank you as they recline on the sofa with their favourite glass of wine. Without any oinking to disturb them.
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