Red wine Becomes a Pampering Aid

pamper yourself with vinturiIf you thought that settling down with a glass of wine was the best way to enjoy a beautiful bottle of vintage red/for its wonderful flavours and aromas to help you relax, think again. One couple have taken the uses of red wine to another level, opening and running their own ‘Vinotherapy’ spa in Bordeaux, France. Treatments at the spa include a Grape Blossom scented massage for two, Red Vine Wrap (we haven’t a clue), and a Crushed Cabernet Scrub, to make you feel soft, sparkly and revived. Nice.
When Les Sources do Claudie was first opened by husband-and-wife- in-crime Alice and Jerome Tourbier, not everyone thought the trend would catch on. However, wine fanatics, along with the insatiably curious (and loaded) have flocked to the hotel/spa, and eleven years down the line, business is booming.
If you’ve ever had a particularly weird or wonderful wine-related experience, or would indeed like to try one by ordering one of our Vinturi products and seeing what they could do for your taste buds, please do get in touch. Leave a comment at the bottom of our blog recounting your stories, or pick up the phone, and one of our team will be on hand to help.
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