Wine tastes better in the right light

wine-red-lightA recent study suggests that ambient lighting can influence how we perceive our wine to taste. Red or blue lighting appears to have a positive effect compared to green or white coloured lighting.

The study took place in Germany, at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. Researchers gave drinkers the same bottle of Riesling wine to drink in differently coloured environments. The same drink was perceived to be almost 1.5 times sweeter when drunk in red light than green or white light. Fruitiness was also most highly rated in the red light.

The positive effect of the blue and red lighting was even felt in the drinkers’ pockets, as they showed a willingness to pay on average an extra 70p more for the same drink, when compared to the green and white lighted rooms.

It is already known that the colour of a drink can influence the way we taste it, however, this study takes the colour theory beyond just the effects seen within the glass. Savvy bar and restaurant owners will already know how important the lighting is in their establishment, although they may wish to reconsider their colour schemes in the light of these latest findings.

To recreate your own ultimate wine drinking experience at home, we suggest that you purchase either a red or blue low wattage light bulb and a Vinturi wine aerator. You might also want to have some tunes to unwind with, playing in the background. Not only will your wine be perfectly aerated to ensure maximum drinking pleasure, but your senses will be enhanced by the ambience of the lighting, taking your wine drinking experience to new heights!

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