Invaluable Wine Etiquette Advice

get wine know-how with VinturiWine drinking etiquette: so important to maintain a sense of superiority and decorum in this crazy world, and particularly so if you want to impress your friends/family/workmates/other wine connoisseurs, whether you’re a host or a guest at either a tasting or a dinner party. This week, dear reader, we bring you some invaluable tips for getting (and keeping) ahead in the exclusive club of people in the know about these sort of things, so that even when you’ve aerated your wine with Vinturi, your know-how doesn’t stop there:
- If you’re hosting a wine tasting, serve unsalted bread or crackers to cleanse the palates of your guests in between glasses. They’ll appreciate not having their flavours mixed,
- As a wine drinking guest, you should hold your glass by the stem, which helps prevent the wine being heated by your hands, as well as keeping sticky finger prints off the bowl.
- If you’re really into the wine tasting hosting thing, it’s also a good idea to provide bottled water for your guests…and then somewhere to discard it once they’ve rinsed their mouths out.
If you’ve got any more great wine-drinking tips, or would like to invest in a Vinturi to make your parties extra special, please do get in touch and one of our team will be on hand to answer any queries you may have.
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