Biodynamic wine

biodynamic wineBiodynamic wines are produced according to the principles of biodynamic agriculture. This means that not only are they produced organically, but also using a holistic approach that pays particular attention to the interrelationship between the soil, plants, animals and local environment, as well as spiritual and astronomical aspects too. Biodynamic viticulture has become increasingly popular in recent years, with over 450 biodynamic vineyards worldwide.

Biodynamic agriculture was born out of the philosophies of Dr Rudolph Steiner. It encourages an individualized approach to the entire viticultural process, from soil preparation using herbal and animal supplements, to the actual production of the wine. The sowing, planting and harvesting calendar is based on astronomical principles, and harks back to old farming methods employed centuries ago, when farming was much more in tune with nature.

 Biodynamic vineyard owners talk about the improved health of their vineyard since their biodynamic conversion, in terms of biodiversity, soil fertility, crop nutrition and pest, weed and disease management. However, critics comment that this all could be achieved through organic farming, without the need for the spiritual or mystic element of biodynamic farming, which for many is hard to understand.

However, the proof is in the pudding, as they say, and a blind taste test carried out by Fortune Magazine gave unanimous results when testing 10 pairs of biodynamic and conventionally grown wines. The biodynamic wine within each pair was voted as being better in every case except for one. The biodynamic wines were found to have “better expressions of terroir”.

 The fact that the grapes are allowed to reach their natural physiological ripeness, coinciding with a balanced sugar production, creates a balanced wine in terms of flavor and alcohol content.  The winemakers who adopt this type of farming method are also more likely to be extremely passionate about the art of winemaking, so they will be paying extra attention to every detail in the process, which could add to the overall effect on the wine in terms of quality and flavor.

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