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The Vinturi red wine aerator was invented in 2005. It revolutionised the aeration of wine. Rather than using a decanter, wine lovers now had the option to simply pour the wine from the bottle, straight through the Vinturi and into the glasses of their guests.

The unique design of the aerators speeds up the process of aerating wines, with style and panache. The Vinturi is the only aerator which can guarantee perfect aeration in the time it takes to pour a glass.

The Vinturi brand was the original wine aerator and has won awards across the world. The company continues to evolve & develop new products that improve the experience of enjoying quality and flavour. The spirit aerator is one of these innovations and Root7 is proud to be a distributor of the Vinturi range of aerators across Europe.

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Vinturi In The Press

Since its invention in 2005 the Vinturi has gained praise from numerous respected publications and sommeliers. "I’m a skeptic about wine gadgets. While they might make great gifts for the millionaire oenophile, rarely do I see any use for wine accessories beyond the basic openers, foil cutters, decanters and refrigerators. So I surprised myself with [...]
Vinturi spotted in Homeland

Vinturi spotted in Homeland

Vinturi are delighted as we spotted a Vinturi wine aerator in an episode of the new series of Homeland. Being great fans of the show, we are pleased to see the characters can appreciate a Vinturi like we do. Obviously, the set designers of the show understand the taste, aroma and elegance a Vinturi brings [...]